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Tips to reduce or lowering the cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol 

Cholesterol is a fatty substance it made by the liver and distributed throughout the body. In body who have high cholesterol means they have lots more cholesterol in blood than they need. High cholesterol can create a body imbalance. Because of this human suffer from liver problem, kidney problems.

High cholesterol levels can also increase the human heart diseases and stroke.

To avoid high cholesterol, you can have an active lifestyle that can help to lower your cholesterol level. Activities means like walking, cycling, running and dancing. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise decrease a level of cholesterol in your blood.

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Eat a more fiber rich foods like beans oats fruits and vegetables can also help you to lower your cholesterol.

Once you are lowering the cholesterol, heart will easily pump the blood throughout the body. And you are more energized, and you have extra energy, because of this our body can physically do more hard work.



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